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Full Version: 2447 Minifig Helmet Visor
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Can we get the issues with the part fixed? Its been on the tracker for 8 years and it's holding stuff up
I think both the visor and the helmet is off.

I made this image to describe the issues. Click it, to view the animation.


Yellow is the mesh from LDD, part 30124, which is an alias of 2446.
Blue is the LDD mesh of visor 2447.
Trans red are the ldraw versions.

The simple solution is to resize the current visor.


Shrinking it is possible. It would follow the green line, instead of the red.

But the major issue would be how to handle all the other accessories made to fit on the helmet
Different knight helmet visors, diving goggles, ski goggles, space visor, night vision goggles, underwater visor, and so on...
As I'm going to create printed helmets 2446px2, 2446px3 and 2446px5, should I wait for the geometry fix of 2446?
We need to hash out what we want to do while attempting to stay as close to real world as possible. Real world measurements trump the LDD mesh.