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Full Version: LDCad - Information on Grouping
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I noticed the section in the user manual for grouping is still pending. Would someone do a brief note as to what the different functions do.
Particularly I'd like to know how to make a group 'permanent'. I selected several elements and grouped them, then selected and copied to another location. After moving I wanted to select the entire copy but, I only get the one element I am closest to. I really need to be able to select and move the entire group. My model has several identical portions and I thought grouping would allow duplication of the group as an entirety.
Group configurations are not copied, you could however use ctrl+g on the new selection directly afterwards in order to also group the new selection.

Also if the copies are/and will stay exactly identical you probably better off using a submodel instead.
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This is not a bump -

When I group several items and use Ctrl-G all seem well. However, when I go to the next step the items are not grouped any more. What am I doing wrong.

Sorry - found it - just another error from the user.