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Full Version: Architecture Theme
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And I was quite sure, that everybody knows about this option. Undecided
I use it from the very beginning due to the different grey versions...

Some nice lighting for the "Brandenburger Tor": The first version is the way it often looks at night...
Here a alternate colour version of the Imperial Hotel. The official colour choice is quite off (it seems tan has a abo in architecture).
So I used the rare colour salmon, which represents the real colour best in my opinion.
Mabye salmon is so out of use and was used so rarely they not even considered using it.
21018 United Nations Headquarters

parts: 596
released: 2013

I really like the use of 61485.DAT (Turntable Flat Base 4 x 4) as the round thing in front of the secretary building. Im not sure what exact this should be in real live. A round plaza,pool or what - there are thousand of images of this building on the internet, but I didnt't found one of this. Only google earth showed it and I am still wondering what it is...
The US president home and work place.
Parts: 325
Released: 2012

Too sad that the roof of the original building burned down and had to be rebuild.
I also did not know about that or have completely forgotten about that.
Thanks for mentioning Smile
I added the unofficial files and put all together in a mpd content file.
I just forget that some people don't have the unoffical files installed. Because my version should be complete- if you have the unoffical files...
21003 Seattle Space Needle

parts: 57
released: 2009

Unofficial part and LSynth should be installed to view this model.
Also should the LSynth files be copied to the unofficial parts folder, if somebody wants to see it completly in LDView. (Maby there ia a other/better way, but this one works)
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