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Architecture / 21026 - Venice

[Image: 24656718399_54426a9782_b.jpg]

OMR Compliant (with unofficial parts)
Errors: None
Architecture / 21031 - Burj Khalifa

[Image: 24230508732_fa3eb16bba_b.jpg]

OMR Compliant
Errors: None
Wow, that's... a lot at once!

The new official rules state this:
Quote:The user (Model author) uploads the model to the LDraw forum and if there was a public discussion the admin mirrors it to the OMR 7 days (or later) after the last post in this discussion. For the event there hasn't been any discussion the upload should be done 7 days (or later) after the initial post. After the upload is done, the model file shall be deleted, so that the forum doesn't clutter that much.

But maybe an exception can be made (and send them in bulk to me). I mean, it's also a lot of extra work for you to make all those posts. Anyone?
As there is now a OMR site, I have a lot of sets to release.

I will send you a rar file with everything in it.
It's a bit of work yes, but that way, I can display renders and people can comment each model if there is a mistake.

Much more will follow...
These are more guidelines than hard and fast rules so it ok to bend them.
Here is a link to download all my Architecture sets.
Architecture / 21027 - Berlin

[Image: 25405778916_c0c8203a55_b.jpg]

OMR Compliant (with unofficial Parts)
Errors: None
Just a little heads up: this file (and a few others which I already added to the OMR website) isn't OMR conform. You need to include all unofficial parts in the .mpd file for it to be 'omr compliant' (which you can do easily with MPDCenter). I've fixed the ones already added to the OMR because I thought you just forgot some, but it seems you're just not doing it at all. Just a tip for future models Wink
I wasn't aware of it. Maybe it's because I've added those parts to my official lirary, so MPDcenter doesn'g show it up.

Anyway, I personally don't like that at all. For several reasons :
I don't like to have anything which is not a part in my models.
I would not be able to use a LGEO equivalent for rendering a part if it is defined like that.
Ldview will simply download the part if it is missing
If the part is changing on the tracker, it will not show up in the model.
Imagine the origin is changing, it quite easy to see and to update. Same if name is changing.
I am 100% sure models will not be updated to remove the inlined part when it will be official.

I can't see any reason to inline the parts in the MPD. Maybe I'm missing something.

I would like my Models to stay like they are. I prefer to remove the OMR compliance, than inlining parts in it. I am almost sure that the onofficial parts are mainly patterns and the model will become automatically compliant when the part will be release. Otherwise it will need to be reworked.
Usually there is not a lot of parts that got renamed or that change origin during their life in the tracker.

If not possible, I would prefer to keep on adding my models at Eurobricks, than in the OMR. That would be a shame because I like ldraw, love the OMR idea and I've started to rework all my sets to make them OMR compliant (at least from my point of view).
Architecture / 21028 - New York City

[Image: 25481471505_b589dcfa49_b.jpg]

OMR Compliant (with unofficial parts)
Errors: None
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