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Full Version: New moulds with hollow studs and inner stopper ring
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After having recently opened up a small can of worms on the Parts Tracker with introducing the hollow stud with the inner stopper ring, it got me thinking about parts that have this inner stopper ring as part of their recent moulding but still have the same Design ID from their inception.

For example, 3665 "Slope Brick 45 2 x 1 Inverted" is now produced with this inner stopper (I have a spare one to hand) but is only modelled in LDraw without. However, this inner stopper does have implications on the part's function, as a 4 LDU bar can now only be inserted so far.

Therefore, would it be worth producing a "b" variant of this part with the inner stopper ring? BrickLink doesn't recognise it as a separate part, but it is functionally slightly different.
Yes - that is how we handle such things. I have renamed 3665 to 3665a and s\3665s01 to s\3665as01. Please feel free to submit the b versions.