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Full Version: Holiday sets
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Seasonal / Holiday sets
[Image: 40138.png]
Download MPD (OMR compliant)
Known errors: None
Done with LDCad 1.5 beta2.
Added to AIOI. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Halloween!!


OMR compliant
Missing parts: none

OMR compliant
Missing items: none

OMR compliant
Missing items: none

2021-10-31 Edit: corrected misplaced parts
The eyes are misplaced.
(2021-10-30, 16:33)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: [ -> ]The eyes are misplaced.

Thanks for review. Corrected!
Happy Thanksgiving Day!!


OMR compliant
Missing items: none
(Fortunately the sticker is in the official library, thanks Max!!)
40498 - Christmas Penguin

OMR conform

Known errors: None
40292 - Christmas Gift Box



OMR conform (with unofficial files)

Known errors: None
40337 - Mini Gingerbread House
Theme: Creator Basic Set: Holiday & Event
Year: 2019

[Image: 40337_mini_gingerbread_house.png]

40337 Mini Gingerbread House.ldr

Errors: Stickers missing
No unofficial part
40463 - Mini Gingerbread House
Theme: Holiday : Easter
Year: 2021

[Image: 40463_easter_bunny.png]
40463 Easter Bunny.mpd

No errors
No unofficial parts
40522 - Valentine Lovebirds
Theme: Holiday : Valentine's Day
Year: 2021

[Image: 40522_valentine_lovebirds.png]
40522 Valentine Lovebirds.mpd

No errors
No unofficial parts
40571 - Wintertime Polar Bears
Theme: Holiday, Christmas
Year: 2022

[Image: 40571_wintertime_polar_bears.png]
40571 wintertime polar bears.mpd

No errors
Not OMR compliant
Happy new year 2023!!

This year 2023 is "The year of rabbit" in East Asia.


OMR compliant
Missing items: none