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Full Version: I search for part 6797.dat
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I hope that anyone of you has imitation the part 6797 for MLCAD.
Need it for the McLaren P1 as exhaust.

Partname: Technic Engine Air Scoop 4 x 4 x 1 1/3

Can you help me there?
The shape is fairly simple and easy to create, but do you have other photos from different angles? Measurements?
Yes but it is small
I have this part but I need to look for it (great availability: once in Technic, three times in Belville :-)

I upload larger images and dimensions.

EDIT: OCt 14th: still looking... not in the technic bin and in the "single parts" bin...
I found it! Was in "Old Gray Stuff" bin...

This part is son un-rectangular...

- The base is 4 x 4 studs extending by 1mm front and back.
- The base tapes from slightly over 4 studs (4stud + 4 LDU) at the Scoop to under 4 studs at the back (1 mm less)
- side walls are 1,2 mm, top is 1,8mm, bottom is 1,6 mm
- Around the scoop is a lip 1,4 mm wide, .2 mm high
- The part height is 13,1 mm at the back and 14 mm at the scoop (including the lip)
- Side walls are parallel.
- Radius from side to top looks to be 5mm
- Radius from the side wall to the back wall looks to be 2mm which also applies for the curve from back wall to the top.
Do you want to do the model? I can have a shot, but more good photos would really help.
I ordered one.It is still on the way. If it is there I can send you a 2D CAD as an image. I have no idea of it to make it even. so far I only share adapted in length, etc.
Here's a starting point...with the raw dimensions.
The rounded stuff is a bit of a challenge, i.e. how to skew a cylinder primitive to fit...
Interesting challenge. Here's my beginning. Do you want me to continue?
Here are the pictures:

one more to come
Last one:
Yes, please.
I need your opinion, according to the measurements I took, I cannot find an existing tori-primitive to fit, however one fits pretty close as you see in the attached file. Would that be a compromise or would a new prim be better?

Have you tried to use (new) values for the torus?

Let's try to move the Toris from 0.5 to 1 in height and right / left.
I'm almost dune. Am I reasonably right?

How do we name it? Scala Wastebin or Technic Engine Air Scoop?
I tried to find one according to my measurements and how I understood their description.

I need and outer radius of 12.5 LDU, the torusbody itself has a radius of 5 LDU which gives me an inner radius of 7.5.

To choose the proper one I divide the inner radius by the tori (minor) radius, which is (12.5 - 5) / 5 = 7.5 / 5 = 0.66666

... and now I see that I did a mistake in my calculation before. the t04o6667.dat fits perfectly...

Good lesson, also Magnus has already completed it!
Have you tried the programme ToriCalc? You can find it on Philo's homepage.

Looks good. I tend to prefer Technic Engine Air Scoop as it's the name on BL and Peeron for years... OTOH LEGO names it "REFUSE PAIL FOR LID"
Great job. Thanks for all. Il be happy.

And it works. Loock at the Photo
I can see a corrugated tube that's not well aligned with pin Wink Looks nice otherwise!
I agree with Philo. although only once used in Technic, thrice in Scala :-)
I know. I still have a few kleinne parts that need to be past. I'l be on beginning with stepping and grouping the Parts.