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Full Version: Generate LDCad parts bin custom list.
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I am unable to run both exe and jar versions of brickutils.
What do I need to run it?
I use the exe version, and as far as I remember I did nothing special to get it work (Win 7 home, or win XP). Any error message?
Win XP.
Nothing happens. Starting the exe says am I sure to open a downloaded programm > Yes.
Few seconds activity, then nothing. No errors, no messages, no program started, not even in the task manager....
??? Sad
Ok, I got the original jar file of SF for the last "official" version of BrickUtils and that one starts.
After downloading a lot of stuff, I can at least work with it (not that I know what to do yet)
The main reason I wanted to look into this is creating the custom part bins for sets.

Now why can I not run Trevor's version of the jar? Does it need additional files?
I see the original created a folder and made some files and downloaded a lot of stuff.
And why does the exe nothing?
Not sure why it won't work on your system. I installed it on Windows 10 and on Windows 7 without trouble.
It did take quite some time to download files before the program was ready the first time and some of the window it opened were extremely well hidden behind other applications that were open at the time.
OK, so I closed all other programs. I have shotcut icon to the original version of brickutils jar file on my desktop.
When I click that a small popup shows the logo and Starting.... this takes a few seconds.
Then another pop up says checking Update site, takes a few sconds more en the brickutils starts up nice in a new window.

When I do this with the jar file Trevor made nothing happens. This file is in the same folder that the original is, so it could find all databases and stuff.

So I took a look in the taskmanager. When the original is loaden a process called javaw.exe is active.
When I start Trevors version with the taskmanager visible I briefly see this process being started and then it closes again.
It seems that a full startup is not working. I does something, but no errors show.

Any ideas?
I would love to be able to make a custom part bins for LDCad.... :-)
I ran into another curious issue:

I opened a new working list, imported an XML from the 45544-1 set and named it as per the pop-up dialogue.
I then modified the list to include missing elements and change a colour.
I then tried to export as LDCad Parts-bin set and get a pop-up window saying:

"Please add ste/lot/moc description"

No matter what changes I make I cannot get the set/lot/moc information to stick - each time I change the description I get the same error and each time I open the window to change it that window has no previous data.
Also, I cannot use the search function next to the Official set id field as the next window to open will not run the search (the top field never shows anything to choose from)

What am I missing?
Does anyone have a clue as to why Trevors version won't work on my system?
On a related note, would it make sense to create a repository of .pbg files for sets?
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