I didn't see any kind of Welcome thread, so i just picked this one as a "general discussion" seemed most appropriate. Hope you all don't mind... I've been spying on many of you for a while in lugnet now, and almost feel like I know you, so i figured I'd step out of the shadows (now that I can find a sign up page!) and now you can know me. I don't mind if this gets moved to a more appropriate forum.

I'm Chris. I'm approaching 40 years old. I have a wife and two kids. I live in the rural US, but you don't need to know where exactly Wink

First time poster, long time lurker. I've actually been reading along on lugnet for the last 2 -3 years or so, which is about when I first found LDraw. I wish I'd found it 10 years ago. Anyway, I had some fun with it building some of the Classic Space sets of my youth (my flickr - also has a couple pics I built with Google Sketchup prior to finding LDraw). Around the same time, my young son's interest in LEGO was sparked, so not long after starting to play with LDraw and POV-Ray, I switched back to the real thing and significantly built up my son's collection. But, I still follow the discussion on lugnet and now here. I still play with LDraw now and then, just not often.

I have hobby-level skill in programming (in other words, i can do some simple stuff), and some day I may try making something useful for others. I have made a tool to take a POV-Ray mesh and create a smooth mesh, calculating all those normals. You have to cut/copy the mesh out of the PR file and paste it back in after processing. Not very advanced, so there is some issues with the output, but it more or less works and can look better than the non-smooth mesh. I wonder if I could find what happened to that program....

Nice to finally meet you all,

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