Train Logo

Train Logo
Hej everyone,
in the past I've added s\4181p08a.dat and s\4181p08b.dat to the PT. But I did a mistake, the part was already there as s\4865p01b.dat and s\4865p01c.dat. The old one are official since last year. But they aren't looking well. (The arrows are wrong formed and the rings are too thin and too thick.)
Due to the fact, that 973p8h.dat was submitted a couple of days ago. I'm thinking about solve the duplicate problem.

This is my proposal, what I will do: Correct and scale MY old files and upload them as s\4865p01b.dat and s\4865p01c.dat. (No errors will occur at official parts). I will change all unofficial files except of the torso, here I will add a comment and hope that the author will change this file.

Other way: Change all references in official parts using the old, "wrong" files to my version and correct the problems due to the chance, change unofficial parts in a way, that the "hold" can be removed in the early future. Problem for me: I'm not sure, which official parts are using the s\4865p01b.dat and s\4865p01c.dat. So I would need help here.

If there are not more than 10 or 15 official parts involved, I would prefer the 2nd way.

Any comments or suggestions?

Re: Train Logo
The following official files are the only ones that use s\4865p01b.dat and s\4865p01c.dat:

I would prefer that the existing official subpart numbers are re-used, so that we don't end up with orphaned files in the official library.
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
Re: Train Logo
Only 4 files...
So I will overwrite the old official subfiles with my Logo Version, then I will correct the official files and change the references in the unofficial parts. I'll write you an e-mail, when I did all these things. So that you can upload them on the PT.
I think, I should get it until monday.
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