BrickPad 1.3.3

BrickPad 1.3.3
BrickPad 1.3.3 has been submitted to the App Store. This version includes bug fixes as well as new features:

- Support for Retina display on the new iPad.
- Advancing through steps will now traverse into MPD sub models automatically
- Help/Manual
- Parts of current step indicated by a neon green edge highlight.
- UI is only hidden if viewing the "All" step.
- Fixed a bug where if BrickPad wasn't already running, BrickPad wouldn't open a custom URL.
- Fixed a bug where if "Get more models…" was selected, went offline, then selected one of the models a crash would happen.
- Fixed a bug where on a slow network connection, we would set the cell's image to a prior dequeued cell.
- New model number badge is now updated when coming back into BrickPad.
- Files calling out other files in the same directory now work properly.

Dowload/update in the App Store.


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