2012/2013 LDraw.org Steering Committee: List of nominees

2012/2013 LDraw.org Steering Committee: List of nominees
Here we summarise the results of the nomination process. The post contains a list of nominees in the format:
Nominee name : Nomination Status (Nominator, Second)

Orion Pobursky : Accepted (Tim Gould, Travis Cobbs)
Willy Tschager : Accepted (Tim Gould, Travis Cobbs)
Scott Wardlaw : Accepted (Tim Gould, Travis Cobbs)
Chris Dee : Accepted (Tim Gould, Travis Cobbs)

Kevin Clague : Pending (Tim Gould, Travis Cobbs)
Sergio Reano : Pending (Scott Wardlaw, Orion Pobursky)
Greg Taft : Pending (Scott Wardlaw, Orion Pobursky)

Travis Cobbs : Declined (Tim Gould)
Tim Gould : Declined (Jean-Philippe Ouellet)
Philippe Hurbain : Declined (Jean-Philippe Ouellet, Tim Gould)
Roland Melkert : Declined (Tim Gould, Travis Cobbs)
Magnus Forsberg : Declined (Travis Cobbs, Philippe Hurbain)
Allen Smith : Declined (Tim Gould, Travis Cobbs)
Jim DeVona : Declined (Jean-Philippe Ouellet, Tim Gould)
Ken Drew : Declined (Scott Wardlaw, Orion Pobursky)

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