Interim guidance for logo primitive filenames

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Interim guidance for logo primitive filenames
Until I can get to proposing an update the spec, here's interim guidance on the filename of logo primitives:

The file name shall follow the following format:
logo-<brand>-<short description>.dat

<brand> is the brand of the logo. For example: lego, ford, chevrolet, maersk, etc.
<short description> is a very brief description, preferably one or two words. For example: text, text-outline, icon, etc.

Additionally, a logo should only become a primitive if it has reuse value. A one-off part with a logo should just have the logo inlined.

While I'm not going to go hold every logo file on the PT that doesn't conform, I will review those I have already certified and as they come up for review. Authors affected should email me their proposed name change and update files.
RE: Interim guidance for logo primitive filenames
I start the list of files that should be modified with a proposed name.

In the drafting of the rules it should be specified in my opinion:
if the outerbox should be as close as possible to the text to the image (which facilitates the modification of the scale, but complicates the insertion for the points on the border);
if at least one dimension (the Z?) must be an integer (1 or 10?)

Official subparts
parts/s/logobugat01.dat --> p/logo-bugatti-text-01.dat Logo Bugatti Text "Chiron"
parts/s/logochevl02.dat --> p/logo-chevrolet-Z06-C7-logo-02.dat Logo Chevrolet Corvette Z06-C7 Logo with Outer Box
parts/s/logochevt04.dat --> p/logo-chevrolet-text-04.dat    Logo Chevrolet Corvette Text
parts/s/logoferraris01a.dat --> p/logo-ferrari-text-01.dat  Logo Ferrari Text
parts/s/logoferraris01b.dat --> p/logo-ferrari-text-outer-box-01.dat Logo Ferrari Text Outer Box
parts/s/logoferraris02.dat --> p/logo-ferrari-icon-02.dat  Logo Ferrari Badge Rounded (since 1990)
parts/s/logoferraris02a.dat --> p/logo-ferrari-horse-01.dat Logo Ferrari Horse
parts/s/logoferraris02b.dat --> p/logo-ferrari-horse-outer-box.dat  Logo Ferrari Horse Outer Box
parts/s/logoferraris03.dat --> p/logo-ferrari-logo-03.dat  Logo Ferrari FXX Text White with Outer Box
parts/s/logoferraris03a.dat --> p/logo-ferrari-text-03.dat Logo Ferrari FXX Text
parts/s/logoferraris03b.dat --> p/logo-ferrari-text-outer-box-03.dat Logo Ferrari FXX Outer Box
parts/s/logoferraris04a.dat --> p/logo-ferrari-text-04.datLogo Ferrari FXXK - K Text
parts/s/logoferraris04b.dat --> p/logo-ferrari-text-outer-box-04.dat Logo Ferrari FXXK - K Outer Box
parts/s/logoferraris05.dat --> p/logo-ferrari-logo-05.dat  Logo Ferrari "Scuderia Ferrari" and Badge with Outer Box
parts/s/logoivecos01.dat --> p/logo-iveco-logo-01.dat    Logo Iveco Text White with Outer Box
parts/s/logoivecos02.dat --> p/logo-iveco-logo-02.dat    Logo Iveco Stralis Text White with Outer Box
parts/s/logolambt01.dat --> p/logo-lamborghini-logo-text-01.dat Logo Lamborghini Text Metallic Silver
parts/s/logolambt02.dat --> p/logo-lamborghini-logo-text-02.dat Logo Lamborghini Text Black
parts/s/logosantanders01.dat --> p/logo-santander-logo-text-01.dat    Logo Santander Text White with Outer Box
parts/s/logosantanders01a.dat --> p/logo-santander-text-01.dat    Logo Santander Text
parts/s/logosantanders01b.dat --> p/logo-santander-text-outer-box01.dat  Logo Santander Text Outer Box
parts/s/logosantanders02.dat --> p/logo-santander-logo-icon-01.dat    Logo Santander Emblem White with Outer Box
parts/s/logosantanders02a.dat --> p/logo-santander-icon-01.datLogo Santander Emblem
parts/s/logosantanders02b.dat --> p/logo-santander-icon-outer-box-01.dat    Logo Santander Emblem Outer Box
parts/s/logosantanders03.dat --> p/logo-santander-logo-icon-02.dat    Logo Santander Emblem White with Black Shadow and Outer Box
parts/s/logosantanders03b.dat --> p/logo-santander-icon-outer-box-02.dat    Logo Santander Emblem Outer Box with Black Shadow
parts/s/logosantanders04.dat --> p/logo-santander-logo-text-02.dat    Logo Santander Text Red with Outer Box
parts/s/logosantanders05.dat --> p/logo-santander-logo-text-03.dat  Logo Santander Emblem Red with Outer Box
parts/s/logosantanders07.dat --> To change to subpart of the spefici part because not always used whit this relative dimensions and positions  ~Logo Santander Text and Emblem Red with Outer Box
parts/s/logoshells01.dat --> p/logo-shell-logo-icon-01.dat    Logo Shell Image with White Border and Outer Box
parts/s/logoshells02.dat --> p/logo-shell-logo-text-01.dat    Logo Shell "V-Power" Text Red with Outer Box

Unofficial primitives
p/logoadidb01.dat --> p/logo-adidas-text-outer-box-01.dat  Logo Adidas Text - Outer Box
p/logoadidb02.dat --> p/logo-adidas-icon-outer-box-02.dat  Logo Adidas Stripes - Outer Box
p/logoadidi01.dat --> p/logo-adidas-icon-01.dat  Logo Adidas Stripes
p/logoadidl01.dat --> p/logo-adidas-logo-01.dat  Logo White Adidas Text And Stripes with Outer Box
p/logoadidl02.dat --> p/logo-adidas-logo-02.dat  Logo White Adidas Text with Outer Box
p/logoadidl03.dat --> p/logo-adidas-logo-03.dat  Logo White Adidas Stripes with Outer Box
p/logoadidt01.dat --> p/logo-adidas-text-01.dat  Logo Adidas Text
p/logoamgb01.dat --> p/logo-amg-text-outer-box-01.dat    Logo AMG Text Outer Box
p/logoamgl01.dat --> p/logo-amg-logo-01.dat    Logo AMG White with Outer Box
p/logoamgt01.dat --> p/logo-amg-text-01.dat    Logo AMG Text
p/logochopb01.dat --> p/logo-chopard-text-outer-box-01.dat  Logo Chopard - Outer Box
p/logochopl01.dat --> p/logo-chopard-logo-01.dat  Logo White Chopard with Outer Box
p/logochopt01.dat --> p/logo-chopard-text-01.dat  Logo Chopard Text
p/logodmgmb01.dat --> p/logo-dmgmori-outer-box-01.dat  Logo Dmg Mori - Outer Box
p/logodmgml01.dat --> p/logo-dmgmori-logo-01.dat  Logo Black Dmg Mori with Outer Box
p/logodmgml02.dat --> p/logo-dmgmori-logo-02.dat  Logo White Dmg Mori with Outer Box
p/logodmgmt01.dat --> p/logo-dmgmori-text-01.dat  Logo Dmg Mori Text
p/logomichi02.dat --> p/logo-michielin-icon-02.dat  Logo Michelin White/Black Bibendum Running with Outer Box
p/logomichl02.dat --> p/logo-michielin-logo-02.dat  Logo Michelin Neutral/White with Text, Band and Complete Image with Outer Box
p/logomobil03.dat --> p/logo-mobil-logo-03.dat  Logo Mobil1 White with Outer Box
p/logomobil04.dat --> p/logo-mobil-logo-04.dat  Logo Mobil1 White with White 1 and Frame with Outer Box
p/logoporsb01.dat --> p/logo-porsche-text-outer-box-01.dat  Logo Porsche - Outer box
p/logoporsl02.dat --> p/logo-porsche-logo-02.dat  Logo White Porsche with Outer box
p/logoporsl03.dat --> p/logo-porsche-logo-03.dat  Logo Red Porsche with Outer box
p/logoporst01.dat --> p/logo-porsche-text-01.dat  Logo Porsche
p/logoschab01.dat --> p/logo-schaeffler-text-outer-box01.dat  Logo Schaeffler - Outer Box
p/logoschal01.dat --> p/logo-schaeffler-logo-01.dat  Logo White Schaeffler with Outer Box
p/logoschal02.dat --> p/logo-schaeffler-logo-02.dat  Logo Black Schaeffler with Outer Box
p/logoschat01.dat --> p/logo-schaeffler-text-01.dat  Logo Schaeffler
p/logowecb01.dat --> p/logo-wec-text-outer-box-01.dat    Logo WEC - Outer Box
p/logowecb02.dat --> p/logo-wec-text-outer-box-02.dat    Logo WEC Text "Fia World Edurance Championship" - Outer Box
p/logowecl01.dat --> p/logo-wec-logo-01.dat    Logo Black WEC Fia World Edurance Championship with Outer Box
p/logowecl02.dat --> p/logo-wec-logo-02.dat    Logo Black WEC with Outer Box
p/logowecl03.dat --> p/logo-wec-logo-03.dat    Logo Black WEC Text "Fia World Edurance Championship" with Outer Box
p/logowecl04.dat --> p/logo-wec-logo-04.dat    Logo White WEC Fia World Edurance Championship with Outer Box
p/logowect01.dat --> p/logo-wec-text-01.dat    Logo WEC Text
p/logowect02.dat --> p/logo-wec-text-02.dat    Logo WEC Text "Fia World Edurance Championship"
RE: Interim guidance for logo primitive filenames
IMHO this is a waste of time and reviewer stamina. Let bygones be bygones, and focus on the new, still unofficial files.
Or could we somehow rename and fasttrack these?
RE: Interim guidance for logo primitive filenames
I meant for this to only apply to unofficial parts and specifically unofficial logo primitives (as all the official one's conform). Unofficial subparts can be evaluated based on the criteria I provided. If they meet the criteria to be primitives, a new file should be submitted, the parent files updated, and I'll remove the subparts.

If you want to change the official subparts into primitives, make the changes, send me the files and I'll submit.
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