LPub Question to LPub3D in a virtual PC

Question to LPub3D in a virtual PC
does anyone have experience with Istallation of the AIOI including LPub3D or only LPub3D in a virtual machine.
If so, what operating system did you use for the host and guest? Which virtualization software did you use?

I used Virtualbox 6.1.34 with Ubuntu 22.04 as host OS and Windows 7 (64bit), Windows 10 (64bit) and Ubuntu 22.04 as guest OS.
With Windows, the graphics were terrible. The rendering in LDView was fine.
With Ubuntu, the display of the model or build steps is too large. However, if I increase the distance for the camera in the menu item for the visual editor under Preference, the display of the model becomes smaller.

I used the newest AIOI in Windows and the latest version of LPub3D in Ubuntu.

I suspect a problem with the graphics here, but it should simulate a standard graphics card and the appearance should be like a real computer.


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