Official LDCad shadow library github repository

Official LDCad shadow library github repository
The official LDCad shadow library is up and running at:

Its initial commit is based on the 1.7 Alpha 2a csl file.

It just has different headers and uses the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

I used svn commit data and existing AUTHOR lines to populate the initial !HISTORY section of each file.

The 'official' header format is like so:
0 LDCad shadow info for "<sameDescriptionAsOriginalLDrawFile>"

0 Author: LDCad Shadow Library
0 !LICENSE CC BY-SA 4.0, see

0 !HISTORY YYY-MM-DD {fullAuthorName} Initial info for <partRefName>
0 !HISTORY YYY-MM-DD {fullAuthorName} <shortChangeDescription>

<LDCad meta content>
The 2nd and later !HISTORY lines should only be appended if needed.

Please use the same format when doing a pull request.

Reason for the general Author:
I wanted to make attribution simpler by letting people attribute the project (permitted by CC BY-SA 4.0 as far I understand it)

Reason for the {name} history lines:
The library is separate from LDraw so using user names might be confusing.

Reason for mentioning the partRefName in a HISTORY line instead of a NAME one:
I now and then move content around while following "move to" changes or to take advantage of new subfiles etc.
Such changes should be noted using something like:
0 !HISTORY YYY-MM-DD {fullAuthorName} Moved content to <partRefName>

Not sure how to make github track such file renames yet as I usually just copy paste .dat content during shadow editing inside LDCad (it automatically deleted empty shadow files). (EDIT: did some research, git might actually do that automatically if the content of the old and new file are very similar. I guess we'll know when it actually happens Smile )

There are still some other things to sort out / improve upon but I wanted to just get it started  Big Grin

There will be some tools for editing/creating repo ready shadow files in 1.7 Beta 1.
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