How to build this?

How to build this?
Hi all,

As you might know (or not) but I was a contestant for LEGOMASTERS Netherlands/Belgium 2020

A cameraman from LEGOMASTERS Netherlands/Belgium asked our group if we could build a classic camera rig / boom.
This one:

I understand most of the model and with a few tweaks here and there made a digital version and instructions for him.
For what I can tell some parts are not LEGO or custom or cut.

The one thing I do not get is how the camera rolls are build and attached to the camera. Anyone any thoughts?
I asked the author but no response so far.

Also, the clips that hold the rail are not LEGO too, are they? If so, what part is that clip?

Jaco van der Molen
RE: How to build this?
Hi Jaco,

As posted in the messenger, looks like the round 2x2 tiles are actually 4150 (with the cross at the bottom), that are held together with two 4081.
Clip to hold the rail may be part of the Skeleton Leg of Ninjago Sets


RE: How to build this?
the clip holding the rails is almost certainly a BrickArms Monopod in silver:

I think the build for the camera above is correct as well.
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