Signpost cantilever (Classic town and Legoland)

Signpost cantilever (Classic town and Legoland)
I've submitted the missing part (Signpost cantilever with Shell pattern) in set 601 as u454p01.

I have some questions about this part and would like the community members' opinions.
1) This part is listed as x454pb01 in Bricklink and upn0252pr0001 in Rebrickable.
On the other hand, there are two parts with different parent part number (bb0107 in Bricklink and 107 in Rebrickable) while they appear to be the same brick shape with this part.

Should we unify the parent part number for these three as "107"?

2) I've used part 764 as the substitute of this part u454pb01,
but I couldn't find any real part of 764 in external databases (Bricklink, Rebrickable and Peeron).
There are two possibilities: "I've overlooked the existence of 764" or "The part 764 is only a ghost".
RE: Signpost cantilever (Classic town and Legoland)
There's an unwritten rule that say we should use the unknown number used on Peeron, if there is such a number, but substitute x with u.
x454(Peeron) would become u454(ldraw). In this case you picked x454 from Bricklink. This is the first time I see Bricklink using a Peeron unknown partnumber.

I don't know the history of that part, but I guess 764 is a formerly "unknown partnumber" that have lost the "x" when it was made official.
Read more here:
Anyone have this part?

There's part at Peeron:
but no inventory or photo.
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