Web Lic (licreator web version)

Web Lic (licreator web version)
Today i will be presenting a quick review of web lic. This application is like lpub but a web version of it its the evolution of licreator. As you know as its web version its probably slower than running on your local pc. but its works. its still on beta stage and every update its being published every time you login the web page.

URL: http://bugeyedmonkeys.com/lic/

Github: https://github.com/remig/web_lic

Main Features:

Web Lic is a free, open source web browser based application for creating and editing LEGO instruction books

Auto layout: Automatically layout the steps of your instruction book to nicely fill each page. Easily add a title page and an inventory page to list the parts in the model.

Rich, WYSIWYG UI editor: A fully interactive preview window makes it easy to customize the layout of your instruction book. Add new pages, steps or callouts with just a few mouse clicks. Quickly navigate through instruction books of any size.

Import and Export: Lic can import any LDraw-based model, which is supported by most LEGO model editors. Export your final instruction book as high resolution, print-quality images or PDF, or as small-sized images suitable for sharing online.

This application uses a private building instructions file format. you import your ldr file and its converted to a no human eye readable. Also it uses hi cpu and hi memory on the web browser.

when you open the ldraw file, it ask you if you want an auto arrange steps then it starts building the document.

[Image: 185d583a-2b68-4d29-bbba-2caebc94e348.png]

as you can see you have a Template you can set and its apply to all the rest of the document. you can chang callout background. borders. layout etc. also you can chenge size of the pages background colors etc.

[Image: fa9d96bf-05ee-4a74-899d-79e5597b93f3.png]

this is an example of an aligator. what i only did was open the file and it auto arranges several steps on the page if you dont want con work much. Also what i did was to modify the default look and feel of the template.

Also you can displace pieces with out moddifing the original design or use bufferechange. this i find very poserfull.

Check this out first you select the object of the step and right click, and select the part you are interested in displase
[Image: Ys7nHCS.png]

After the piece is selected you make right click and again you have a new menu. There you can displase the object. move it if its miss plased. or change it for an other.

[Image: vsJgT2Y.png]

As you can see now its did displace the object also added the arrow

[Image: 07439470-c4c1-45c7-93c4-3857c33134df.png]

you can also add annotation like text, arrows, images etc.

Other important think you can do its that you can rearrange steps, swap steps. make callout, add rotation icons etc. 

[Image: kcK0jD2.png]

also if you are using sub models it automatically adds the sub model into the building instruction.

[Image: 41f00813-0805-4dba-ae80-9a63d0bf1c1a.png]

You can export  the file in PDF (you can set the DPI) or PNG (you can set the dpi) files.

thoughts. i like it very much. its near to be ready compared the licrator version that was outdated. i would like to play it arround with it little longer. Its much more flexible than lpub. but i would like to work with it and see how it runs with big models.

a little buy i have realized its that the colors of the bricks are not correct. you can change this form the interface too.
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