How to export LDD files as a .dat?

How to export LDD files as a .dat?
Hello, everyone!
LDD has been recently updated, and I've been trying to get some of the new parts (that are not in LDraw already) out of it and into LDraw format (namely .dat).
However, I have been unable to figure out how to do so. I've tried the LDD2LDRAW add-on from, but it did not seem to work (among other error messages, I got
0 parts mapped.
0 parts had an unknown Material; Used Main Color 16 instead.
0 parts unknown.
0 parts defect (cann't be read correctly).
0 parts are not created for LDraw yet.
0 parts are waiting on the Parts Tracker.
Would anyone here be willing to let me know how to get these parts into .dat format?
Many thanks,
RE: How to export LDD files as a .dat?
I'm new here, but wanted to comment on this post so I get update notifications from it.
I have the same issue trying to convert a small lxf file to something I can open in the LDView
kr Kresten
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