SR 3D Builder

SR 3D Builder
Hi everybody,

another updated version of my application is now available.

Nothing really new, just a bunch of significant fixes.
Here is a list of changes:

- On a fresh installation the creation of a folder with a wrong name does not let the application start
- The "pin long with friction" part has problem in rotations and animations
- Closing the application with the "X" cause the application to crash
- Editing a model with assemblies and adding new ones cause wrong assemblies identifiers
- Occasionally some subparts fails to load from a previously saved model
- Importing a model cause main model name override

- Linear actuators now move with in more natural way

- <CTRL-F> shortcut to put the cursor in the Search text box
- Location and resizing mode of the toolbox are now saved and restored on application startup
- Updated part list availability (december 2, 2012)


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