50746 or 54200

50746 or 54200
Not sure where to post this.

In the 5763 Dune Hopper (scroll to the bottom) it says 50746 in the parts catalog, but the peeron description of that part is "~ Use 54200"

Which one do I use. 50746 is (reportedly, I don't own it) the part number used in the actual piece in the actual set, but someone somewhere (not sure who or where) says to use 54200.

From 50746.dat:
0 Slope Brick 31  1 x  1 x   2/3
0 !HELP Part 50746 is the counterpart of 54200. Visually, the two parts seem
0 !HELP identical. This file is provided to make it easier to locate part files
0 !HELP when using the numbers from other sources.
0 !HELP 54200 is used for moulding opaque parts, 50746 for transparent parts.

From 54200.dat:
0 Slope Brick 31  1 x  1 x   2/3

They both have the same part name. Peeron says the set contains 50746, but it is light bluish gray... not transparent.

So far, I'm leaning towards 54200 because of the !HELP lines, but I'd like an official word here since peeron contradicts itself.


EDIT: I had written dark bluish gray, its actually light bluish gray.
Re: 50746 or 54200
LEGO uses different numbers for clear and opaque parts since they use different types of plastic. Basically 50746 is just the number assigned by LEGO to the transparent part. The 2 parts are identical otherwise. For LDraw purposes it doesn't matter what you use but I'd use 54200.
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