LDView current version

LDView current version
I want to ask, if Version 4.1 of LDView is still the officially current one. - This one has today its second anniversary.....
Will there be a next version?
Re: LDView current version
Yes, 4.1 is the latest official release, and I'm aware that it has been longer since the previous release than any other release since LDView's initial release. I am still working on it, and plan there to be a 4.2 release, but I've just spent a lot less time on it over the past year than previously. I don't really know when the next release will be, but I hope it will happen within the next few months.
small improvements
I would like to suggest to even make a new release if even small things are fixed
(like e.g. the POVRay export problem for parts of 0.25 LDU thickness (e.g. stickers) etc.),
because even these small fixes will be a great help for all people needing them.
It's not necessary - IMHO - to wait until a big enough pile of fixed bugs as accumulated.
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