My models...

My models...

Here are a lot of models that I have made since 2009.

It' over 350 models including many big models, especially Technic, Starwars and Modular Buildings.

Anybody want to use it, you can download it at above link.

Note that I want to give it 'Free for NON-Commercial Use ONLY' right Smile

I hope that these models make someone happy.

I have made some serious decision to leave MLCAD, SR3D Builder for 8 months because of personal reason.

Re: My models...
Wow! impressive collection...
The only problem is that the files don't include unofficial parts, some of them are already a bit broken. The other little glitch is that some .ldr include UTF8 BOM bytes preventing proper parsing of first line.

Hope to see you again in 8 months Wink
Re: My models...
As Philo said, very impressive collection! Thanks for sharing.

A good (but big!) project for someone would be to add steps and sub models where appropriate...
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