Attribution to in slides for public presentation

Attribution to in slides for public presentation
Hi all.

I read this, this, this and this topic, but I didn't find a specific policy, and I don't want to make assumptions or to do analogies.

Briefly: in August I'll do a presentation of my software jBrickBuilder during AFOL event "Lecco 2015" in Italy. I wonder what is the right formula to say "this program is based on Ldraw Part Library". My thinking was:
- place this formula in first slide
- in second-last slide, where usually goes thanks and references to other materials/websites, thanks to LDraw people and a link to LDraw website with logo used for linking (as stated here)
- in last slide, a warning that jBrickBuilder is not endorsed or sponsored by or LEGO® company.

Is that right/meets LDraw policies?

My apologies in advance if question was already discussed, in that case can someone point me to topic/documents?

Re: Attribution to in slides for public presentation
Mario Pascucci Wrote:Is that right/meets LDraw policies?

Sure! This is a slide I used last year as representative of


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