Physical colour shortcuts

Physical colour shortcuts
Is it correct that DATHeader should warn me when I scan a "Unofficial_Shortcut Physical_Colour"?

It tells me that:
"ERROR Description for Physical_Colour parts should mention the used colors", but I'm not scanning a "part".
I'm scanning a "shortcut".

The header specification says:

The purpose of the Physical_Colour qualifier is to identify a part which is encoded as a specific colour of a part (e.g. 70770)
A part file with the Physical_Colour qualifier will typically, but not necessarily, contain only one sub-file reference (line type 1) entry, where the entry has a specific colour value and not colour 16.

It says nothing about the Shortcuts
Re: Physical colour shortcuts
Can you please give an example to me?
We often create shortcuts, where one part of a combination of parts are fixed coloured. So it make sence to me to have also in a shortcut the fixed colours mentioned in the part description.
Re: Physical colour shortcuts
I'm mainly thinking of the complete Fabuland and Friends figure shourtcuts.
They all mention several colours, but still get this error message.

But I see your point. The word Shortcut is not defined, and it is used to describe many different "parts".

btw, why is colour code 16 allowed in a physical colour shortcut?
Re: Physical colour shortcuts
I think i messed "Shortcut Physical_Colour" and "Shortcut Alias" and "Shortcut" in this context. Sorry.
Please can you give some example (part numbers please) that are incorrect?
Thank you for clearifing.
Re: Physical colour shortcuts
The coloured MC's based on 4480c02.dat; 73311, 73327, 73419, 73429, 73538
Boat bow; 4100338.dat, 4100340.dat
Fabuland figure: u586p03c03.dat
Friend figure: 92198p02c01.dat

... and many more
Re: Physical colour shortcuts
Ok, now I know what happened.

There has been a discussion for the colors mentioned in the part title for Physical Colour Parts.
As far as I remember nobody knows which colours are meant (bricklink or peeron) so the number from ldconfig.ldr in brackets should be used (f.e. [7]).
This is tested by DATHeader.
The next release will test this only on parts. Sourcecode is already fixed.

I hope this answers your question.

I just searched the base of this test and found the following:
1) Anouncement for version of DATHeader 03. Oct. 2013 (
2) Question for new tests for DATHeader 21. Sep. 2013 (
3) Discussion on the PT (
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