Proposed changes to Standards Committee Charter

Proposed changes to Standards Committee Charter
Hi all, in light of the last few voting periods I'm proposing the following changes to the LSC Charter. The SteerCo has control of this document but in the interest of community input and transparency, I'm posting my suggested changes here for discussion prior to the SteerCo voting any change.

The reference document is here:
My proposed changes are listed below:


Rename to Election Candidates

change text to:
Candidates for the election will be:
- The currently sitting LSC
- Any person who volunteers and meets the LSC eligibility requirements
Candidates may withdraw their candidacy at any time before and during the election cycle.


change text to:
Elections will be held according the the schedule listed in the Recurring Dates section. Only LDraw organization members will vote on the candidates by privately listing the five (5) nominees they select for the position. Votes will be received and tallied by the Steering Commitee, who will be accountable to each other and to the community for accuracy. In the event that the pool candidates is less then or equal to the number of available positions on the LSC, no election will be held.


Remove this section

Recurring Dates

change text to:

October 1: Annual summary published. Call for candidates.
October 14: All petitions for candidacy must be received and recorded
October 17: LSC Elections begin
October 31: LSC Elections end
On or before November 7: Steering Commitee announces election results
November 15: New LSC Members take office
* The dates may flex a few days in either direction due to the personal schedules of the site admins.
Re: Proposed changes to Standards Committee Charter
One additional thought: I think the election cycle dates should probably change since we historically have more participation in the summer.
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