OpengGL color / material properties

Re: OpengGL color / material properties
Ben Supnik Wrote:I'm not sure what kind of standard you're looking for.

Well the part authors have gone trough some trouble to define the RGB's of colors (which I consider the diffuse ones), so I was thinking maybe they have (secret) tables of the specular, ambient and shininess ones too.

I too discovered playing with specular (and shininess) is pretty much enough to create visual distinctions. I was a bit put off guard by 'scientific' tables like this one:

OpenGL material table

But it seems using the ldr RGB as both ambient and diffuse in combinations with static (shades of white) specular and shininess values per material finish type is good enough for most ldraw colors.

Thanks for the more advanced pointers Ben, I might go that route for the HQ option, but first I want an basic one. So I'm going to continue playing / tweaking the specular and shininess values for a while. If any of the part / color maintainers have ideas on those please let me know.
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