The Case for Underside Fillet Primitives

Re: The Case for Underside Fillet Primitives
It's not as though I haven't thought of the two basic fillets solution. It did occur to me, in fact. However, I chose to go away from it for this reason: When you have these, you'll still need at least 2 more for the sidewalls (which could be done in a couple different ways. Why? Because when you have these walls, by necessity you're going to need to break up the sidewalls to avoid T-Junctions, especially in the case of the reinforced versions. So you're still going to end up with 4 primitives: two for the interior fillets (stud-to-stud and stud-to-wall), and two more for the inner walls (let's say corners and straights, although other options exist).

Further, isn't part of the point of primitives to reduce file size? Using my solution, the file sizes are drastically smaller than what they would be using this solution. Consider my 4x6 brick, which is the smallest one (and thus benefits the least from them). It uses exactly TWO primitives to model the entire bottom. Using your solution, you'd need: 2 stud primitives, 1 stud-to-stud fillet primitive, 6 stud-to-wall fillet primitives, 2 straight-wall primitives, and 4 corner-wall primitives for a total of 15 primitives. That's 13 fewer lines in my file. And the savings only goes up with the size of the part. What will the savings be for my 8x16? Meanwhile, with your solution, we go from 5 files to 4, although the file sizes of the 4 would be a bit smaller than the 5, but overall, I think you'd save much more disk space with my solution.

Oh, and Chris, in response to your other post above: I don't intend to submit/resubmit anything until this is resolved. Also, the whole point I'm making here is that they shouldn't have "stud" in the name, so the parts that I currently have on there would need to be renamed, and I would re-name my other parts before I'd submit them.
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