The Case for Underside Fillet Primitives

Re: The Case for Underside Fillet Primitives
Tim Gould Wrote:Why not come up with a fully worked system of fillets first and propose a full naming convention (with examples) and the forum can refine the nomenclature.

Well, currently I have two sets of fillets (both of width 3 ldu) ready to go. Both were on the PT, but I believe Chris deleted one of them. One set is the "normal" ones and the other is the detailed (although someone mentioned in another thread that "reinforced" tends to be more commonly used and I like it a little bit better). So, using this naming system, we'd have:

fillet3.dat (not attached to any walls)
fillet3-1.dat (attached to one wall)
fillet3-2a.dat (attached to two adjacent walls)
fillet3-2p.dat (attached to two parallel walls)
fillet3-3.dat (attached to three walls)

fillet3r.dat (not attached to any walls)
fillet3r-1.dat (attached to one wall)
fillet3r-2a.dat (attached to two adjacent walls)
fillet3r-2p.dat (attached to two parallel walls)
fillet3r-3.dat (attached to three walls)

You can see how it would go for 2 ldu width fillets by simply substituting 2 for 3.
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