Trouble with adding new primitives.

Re: Trouble with adding new primitives.
Alright, so Steffen wrote this on all of the new "Underside Baseplate Primitives", such as this one. I'll break it down it down here.

Steffen Wrote:(A) Replace the current p/studbp1.dat ... p/studbp3.dat with a single file studbp.dat which contains the top as well as the bottom stud.

In a different comment, he also wrote:
I find it not a good idea to put the stud into the top left corner of the surface portion. I would have expected it to sit in its center instead.

I have implemented these two suggestions to make the new file studbp.dat which has equal spacing all around (10x10 ldu) with a stud on top. However, because this is square, in order to accomodate for corner studs, I've had to create a second primitive I'm calling studbpc.dat (the "c" is for "corner") which includes the complete construction for the corner (e.g. it also has the side wall).

Steffen Wrote:(B) Add studbpp01.dat, which is the same as studbp.dat, but has a white spot pattern. This way, files studbp.dat and studbpp01.dat become analogous to stud.dat vs. studp01.dat

I haven't done this yet, but think it's a good idea. It shouldn't take very long, just need to copy and rename my studbp.dat appropriately and make a few small adjustments.

Steffen Wrote:© Optionally, add a "coarse" version of (A) and (B). That "coarse" version could leave out the bottom stud detail to speed up rendering time.

I've done this as well, at least for the studbp.dat and studbpc.dat. They just have a bottom and top quad with a stud on top. I've named them stu2bp.dat and stu2bpc.dat.

Steffen Wrote:(D) Add baseplate stud groups...

Also started on. I've been doing a bit of duplication so far, stugbp-MxN.dat and stugbpc-MxN... the first just has regular studbp.dats, and the other has a single studbpc.dat in one corner.

Steffen Wrote:(E) Refactor JC's *h.dat baseplate versions as follows:
- delete the *h.dat duplicates of the normal baseplates
- refactor the normal baseplates to use the primitives created in (A)-(D)

Actually, I was thinking I'd leave it and let you admin-modify the name to be correct again so that there wouldn't be two versions on the PT, but if you'd prefer I gave them their correct names and e-mailed them to you, I could do that as well.

Overall, I think Steffen's plan was a good one. But if you have objections, let me know.
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