Trouble with adding new primitives.

Re: Trouble with adding new primitives.
Thanks for the reply, Chris.

I do tend to agree that they are more than just studs... they're more like "underside architecture." Now, initially, I did just create the "low-res" versions and thought about leaving it at that.

The problem arises out of the fact that for some (possibly all) of these parts, there are two variations: the "low-res" version and the "high-res" versions. I personally own both variations of the 4x6, and the above photo from Brickshelf proves that there are two versions of the 8x8 as well. I do not own and haven't found proof of the others (although I haven't really looked that hard), but I don't think it's a stretch to imagine the others might have this same variation as well.

Now, none of this would matter if LEGO had given them different part numbers, because then I could just create both versions seperately. Unfortunately, they didn't. Further, it wouldn't have bothered me as much if one of the already official parts (30400) wasn't already "high-res."

Still further, I could have simply created a regular, "low-res" version "xxxx.dat" and a "high-res" version "xxxxh.dat" (or something similar). Except somebody already did this with Baseplates, and everyone started arguing about precidents and not wanting to have multiple files for the same part. (Never mind that some parts have 2-3 or more numbers on the PT due to aliases.)

So, I set out to create a solution that would allow us to have both versions without causing problems on the PT. Is it perfect? No. But I can't think of a better way to do it. If anybody can, I'm open to suggestions.

P.S. I've started working on Steffen's solution to the Baseplate problem (although I'm going to have to make some small modifications to it in order to allow for rounded corners). Look for more on that soon.
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