Ribbed hose 7mm D 19 ribs to 35 ribs extention

What is the correct partnumber of "Ribbed hose 7mm D 19 ribs"?
Well, at least there is a list of numbers at Brickset, but I can't figure out how to read it.

Currently at the Part Tracker we have:
72504, 2L, uncoloured
72706, 3L, uncoloured
71952, 4L, uncoloured
71944, 6L, uncoloured
71951, 8L, uncoloured
71986, 11L, uncoloured
43675, 19L, uncoloured
4506910, 4L, black (referring to 71952)

According to the list at Brickset, the numbers used are:
72504, 2L, silver metallic OR black
72706, 3L, black
71952, 4L, bright bluish green
71944, 6L, silver metallic OR black
71951, 8L, bright bluish green
71986, 11L, black
43675, 19L, trans light blue
4506910, 4L, black (referring to 59905)

In the list at Brickset there are 9 different DesignID for a Ribbed Hose, 2L, but which number should be used in the uncoloured file?
Is 72504 the correct partnumber to use as a uncoloured part?
Are the current partnumbers for Ribbed hoses at the PT used correctly?
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