Micro ball and socket parts

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Yes, it is a good idea to define the connections, but do we need a primititve for that?
I've read some of the posts here in the forum about snapping parts in LDCad and SR3D.
Both use the primitives, but also need more information about how they are allowed to move or connect.

Think about how a common 2x2 brick is made. It has 4 studs on top and 1 understud on the bottom.
But there are 5 connection points both on the top and the bottom.

Maybe we need a ball primititve, but how about the sockets?
So far I have found 16 different designs .
I don't think it is necessary to create primitives for sockets that are only used once or twice,
like the "joint-8-socket-freeb.dat - Joint-8 Socket Square Free"

Are all the axles connected to the balls of the same size?
This picture shows all the balls I've found so far. The green are fixed at the PT.

There are some unofficial parts in the attached mpd

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