Some Suggestions/Bugs MLCad

Re: Some Suggestions/Bugs MLCad
Hi, unfortunately, Micheal Lachmann, the creator of MLCad has seemed to have stop development of MLCad. I've been proved wrong on this before but this is what it seems. Which leads me to a related point: Micheal, if you are reading this, please, please please open the code to MLCad and pass the torch to someone who actively wants to improve this fine program.

> I also have some questions Smile:
  • >
  • Is there a key to place a part in the
    > Y-direction? (the arrowkeys are for X and Z)

    Y move: Shift + Up Arrow, Shift + Down Arrow.

  • How can i change the color of the parts in the
    > parts-list?

    It's in the options. I'm not sitting in front of my computer right now so I don't recall exactly where it is in the options but I'll post a follow up with instructions.
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