Bowtie quads within official parts

Re: Bowtie quads within official parts
Oh, that Datheader tool seems great. I should definitely try to implement that kind of correcting features within mine.

Thanks for the links, it really helps. I just discovered LDraw library, and I still don't have a global view of every tool available.

Bowtie quad fix can reverse the binding, so if I develop a software to correct that, I will let the user change the winding afterward.
By the way, I detected even more winding issues than bowtie, but visually, not automatically, of course.

Ok, that what I expected for determinant. My software detects matrix whose determinant is lower than 0, but not equal to 0. It's easy to adapt it though.

Ok, maybe these two pieces will be corrected then.

Thanks for pointing out doubloons, I removed 7 parts from the list and edited my post consequently.

Last question: I assumed official parts were almost perfect. But obviously some still need some work. So what's the difference between unofficial parts and official parts that still need to be fixed?
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