LDCad 1.2 Public Alpha 1

Re: LDCad 1.2 Public Alpha 1
Well you could use

0 !LDCAD PATH_SKIN [donCol=16] [donOri=1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1] [donPart=x994.dat] [donYSize=100%] [donCen=absCen] [donCenYOfs=0] [donFinScale=fitDon2Seg] [donPlace=deform] [donYAlign=0] [segSize=100%] [segSizeTol=5%] [segsCnt=1] [segsGrp=0] [segsMaxMerge=1]
0 !LDCAD PATH_SKIN [donCol=16] [donOri=1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1] [donPart=x993.dat] [donYSize=200%] [donCen=absCen] [donCenYOfs=0] [donFinScale=fitDon2Seg] [donPlace=deform] [donYAlign=0] [segSize=100%] [segSizeTol=5%] [segsCnt=0] [segsGrp=0] [segsMaxMerge=10]
0 !LDCAD PATH_SKIN [donCol=16] [donOri=-1 0 0 0 -1 0 0 0 1] [donPart=x994.dat] [donYSize=100%] [donCen=absCen] [donCenYOfs=0] [donFinScale=fitDon2Seg] [donPlace=deform] [donYAlign=0] [segSize=100%] [segSizeTol=5%] [segsCnt=1] [segsGrp=0] [segsMaxMerge=1]

Instead of the single PATH_SKIN line in your attachment. you will need to adjust the position of the connectors too but the Y segments will deform like all other segments. You could also use the x994 as an extra cap part together with the connector caps. But like you wrote it won't bend that way, but because the limited size of them you won't loose much bending room but it will save on file size.

Or do you mean you don't want to use the x994 part at all, not even for a skin donor? In that case you need to make an alternative for it yourself because one way or another you need a donor for that Y section.

You could (separately) model the donor it self using a path but I don't officially support that in this version, but if you strip away the !LDCAD metas by hand afterwards the resulting part defined by the fallback lines could be used like any other dat/ldr file donor wise.

Hope this helps
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