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O wait I misunderstood you, you mean you want to select parts from different sub-models and move them as one?

This might become possible when I implement the nested editing I mentioned above. But I'm not completely sure on how to set that feature up at the moment. So I might limit it to normal editing with the higher model displayed statically displayed on the background.

Although I agree it would be much more useful if you could indeed manipulate all parts of both models as if it was only one model. I'll have to see if that can be done without too much of an impact on existing code, otherwise I might push it to 1.3 or something.

A workaround in the current version could be to copy the wings orientation using it's properties dialog (enter key when selected). then go into the path session and add a temporary 1x1 brick (will become a cap) or something at 0,0,0. Then open it's properties dialog and paste the orientation. Finally you change the grid orientation using 'o' to match the new cap (you can delete the cap afterwards). As a result you now are basically working in the same coordinate system as the wing.

Hope this is somewhat useful Smile At the very least it given me an idea for a new menu item (set grid orientation from clipboard pos/ori).
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