LDCad 1.2 Public Alpha 1

Re: LDCad 1.2 Public Alpha 1
Thank you, that's working fine. Other things I noticed (linux 64bit, again):

1. After moving a control point, I click "undo", but nothing changes until I rotate the view (for instance).

2. When inserting a new path point, would it be possible to insert it somewhere along the current path, and require selecting it to move it? I think that could make path creation more convenient.

3. This is something already happened with 1.1. If I click on the properties box, to view the mainpart properties, and then click on "Discard", the dialog is closed, but the mouse behaviour gets into rotation mode, as if the click on the button had been passed to the main view too.

4. The approximate length of the path is written to the file as a comment, is it possible to view it also in the GUI? If it isn't, I wish it were.

5. I'd like a rubber hose without stretched ends too.
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