Decreasing poly count on models

RE: Decreasing poly count on models
(2013-11-23, 10:14)Antonio Cortés Carrillo Wrote: A very very long time ago (2004), i implemented a similiar algorithm that detects and removes the inner parts of the model.

If you are interesting, can find it here:

Is not the buf3d, is much older and for that reason:
* Does not properly read all 3D Ldraw models.
* Do not use GPU (but works very fast ... )
* Well .... sure there are many bugs that buf3d already solved Smile

For use, these are the steps to follow:
- Import->Ldraw Model (I will ask the library directory)
- Optimize-> Select Objects Ocludded
- They will leave many options without touching it will be fine (9/16 iterations)
- After the process, the internals parts appear selected
- Selected-> Show Selection Only (Optional)
- Selected-> Remove Selected

Removes over 50% triangles, easily Smile

Bump. Does this tool output to the ldraw format too? Or something else?
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