Decreasing poly count on models

Re: Decreasing poly count on models
Here is a quick description by Ildefonso, when we discussed about issues that Windz has with open (eg. subparts) structures:
Quote:The ray tracing algorithm casts rays randomly. It counts the number of hits that were done by both sides of the triangles/quads and if this difference is bigger than 70% it assumes that this is the outside of the triangle. Once it finds the outside of one triangle, it finds its triangles/quads neighbors and set the same orientation for them.
My idea was to remove this randomness letting the user to set the direction that the rays will follow. So, one could choose if all the rays would be cast from top to bottom, from right to left and so on. I think that even with this algorithm, we will have some cases that it will not work, but this should help in simple cases like flat parts.
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