[LSC Request] End of header meta command

Re: [LSC Request] End of header meta command
Roland Melkert Wrote:But the only way i can think of to fix things without a new meta is to ban comments from the header all together. And use the 'permitted meta's in header' list for detecting the end of header.

Hi Roland,

Right - and that's where Allen's point comes in. If a client needs a complete and inclusive list of header METAs to determine "what is the header", then we break header parsing for all existing clients every time we add a new header meta. :-(

I think the LDraw file format is one where there are:
- lots of clients and
- many clients care about only some of the information and
- the format is going to grow new features (e.g. BFC, TEXMAP, etc.) over time.

So any time parsing the file requires knowing the latest format in its entirety, that's problematic because by definition old apps don't have that info. :-(

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