LDPatternCreator - Release 1.4.6

LDPatternCreator - Release 1.4.6

Here is the new stable LPC 1.4.6 release.

Please uninstall older versions of this software before installing a new version.

Change log:

New features:
  • The program uses now Philo's Rectifier 1.9
  • You can remove previously loaded template/projection data (including lines and conditional lines) by clicking on "File"->"Unload template data"
  • Pattern triangles can now overlap green projection lines! However, on overlap, the form of the imported former file will not be kept.
Fixed bugs from 1.4.5 and older:
  • The projector does not work as accurate as expected.

(see full list of tickets for 1.4.6)

As always, I included a short readme.htm in the installation directory.

Cheers & Leg Godt


Philo Wrote:Hi Nils,

I don't want to distract you from you work on part editor but I noticed two small issues in LPC 1.4.5:
- It seems that projection on one of the triangles in the attached file is slightly off...
- Because for this, I disabled projection and used Slicerpro. I then noticed that conditional lines of the former were copied to flat projection. Not very annoying, but clearly useless Wink


Now, there is a workaround for this problem:
Remove manually conditional lines from the former file. Click on "File"->"Unload template data" and then "File"-"Import from DAT.."->"Import...projection data" to re-import the former without conditional lines.
Release Date for 1.4.7
I wish to announce that I am targeting to release the version 1.4.7 on Sunday, 24 February 2013.
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