4.5V Train Sets (Blue Era)

RE: 4.5V Train Sets (Blue Era)
164 - Passenger Wagon

This is a multi-build set with instructions for 3 models.

Caboose - arguably the main model, as it's the primary cover photo on the box and instructions, and the first one listed inside the instructions


.mpd   164 - Passenger Wagon - Caboose.mpd (Size: 6.74 KB / Downloads: 9)

OMR compliant: No - I think (??), because of the stickers. They are texmapped, not done with LDraw geometry, and so they rely on PNG textures that are not embedded. However, I believe there is a proposal pending for a !DATA command that would allow the texture to be embedded, in which case I believe this could be made compliant. (Speaking of which, you need the PNG textures themselves; I'll attach those in a separate post.)

Known errors: None (unless you count that the window stickers on the train doors should have rounded corners!)  Tongue
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