Nomenclature for tyres

Nomenclature for tyres
yesterday, I got a copy of the Power Pull set and just for fun I have looked into our library, if the BIG tyre is available. I found it, but it has an odd name.
I left a comment on the part's page. Steffen BFC'ed the file in the meantime - thanks for that.
Now I was looking for the right name. I checked the wiki and the old Lugnet entries.
And I found out, that our naming system is a bit chaotic (for me). Sometimes it is like the version in our wiki and sometimes it starts with the diameter (like on some Lego tyres). I have checked the rim for the tyre, too. Here it is the same. It doesn't correspond with the wiki.

And another thing: I have no idea, where I should do the measurement at the tyre. At the widest width, at the inside width (because it's a balloon), should I include the bead for the rim in the "percentage" measurement or not and and and.

It would be really great if we could find a way to describe this in a good way.

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