Export of .mpd to single 'stand-alone' .ldr file ?

Re: Export of .mpd to single 'stand-alone' .ldr file ?
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply.

I'm trying to achive an LDR file which has only type 1 lines ideally. Any custom rotations should be 'incorporated' into the flatten function so that the pieces are at their absolution position and any translation/rotation values in the ldraw line entry are related to 0,0,0 not to any other 'custom' rotation point.

Thanks for the note that the 'submodel' might be an MPD file also - I'll bear that in mind.

FYI - I need the LDR files in this 'standalone' format for an animation function which I use for creating 'build' animations of Lego models - it works fine with 'straight' LDR files but not with MPD files - so I'm trying to create a routine that will take any MPD file and 'flatten' it into a 'simple as possible' LDR file ready for processing by my animation function.

(The custom rotation is not a huge problem as not that many models I've seen feature it - at anything other than the default values - but for completeness I would like to deal with it correctly).

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