Export of .mpd to single 'stand-alone' .ldr file ?

Re: Export of .mpd to single 'stand-alone' .ldr file ?
What do you expect should happen with that line?

If you want to have that rotation point also in your flatterend version with the same functionality than in the structured version before, then you also need to apply the changes to that values. IMHO

MLCad produces for every model in an mpd content file these two lines. By inlining these models into the main model you will get lots of 0 ROTATION lines. I have not yet checked how MLCad will work with more than one entry and which (first or last) will be used then. So to have those rotation point working also in the flatterened file will be difficult in my eyes. At present my export routine simply ingnores these 0 ROTATION line during inlining process.

By the way:
I saw in your code that you rely on the extension of the file. We just had an discussion here that this is not a good idea.
Official parts are forced to carry the extension '.dat'. But that is all we surely know. So it might be that a file with the extension '.ldr' has mpd content and should be processed like that.
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