[MLCad] List of known bugs in MLCad 3.3

[MLCad] List of known bugs in MLCad 3.3

I'd like to put down a list of the known bugs in the current 3.3 version. Feel free to add:
  • If I go to MLCad setting, tab Rendering and choose "Background color" in that color dialog I can not browse through the colors - http://news.lugnet.com/cad/mlcad/?n=2305

  • In some cases I cannot manipulate the rotation matrix because the angle value in the vector field (which I never saw much use of anyhow) is something like -9.223372 * 10^n and MLCad does not understand it. So whenever I try to open up the rotation matrix field I get a dialog saying that the angle should be between -180 and 180 and the field remains disabled. What's worse, the same is for the vector fields and thus I cannot reset the angle! All I can do is reset the matrix manually in LDDP. *Highly* annoying - http://news.lugnet.com/cad/mlcad/?n=2307

  • There is a bug in the generated partslist when using a new color. For example when I use a part with color 81 Metalic_Green it reports as Chrome_Black. See: http://www.binarybricks.nl/test/colorerror.gif Can this be resolved with a change in ldconfig or is a real bug in MLCad 3.30? - http://news.lugnet.com/cad/mlcad/?n=2343

  • File > Scan parts generates a Parts.lst file that breaks long filenames:
    75174p01c01.daAnimal Dragon Oriental w. Chr.Gold Head and Tr.Red Wings (Comp.)

  • Copying a color to the colorbar the statusbar will always show the default color name from 1 - 16.

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