Modifying a part currently on hold

Re: Modifying a part currently on hold
Philippe Hurbain Wrote:Condlines in concave areas are indeed not required, but they are used by LDView to trigger smooth shading between facets. So they are a Good Thing ™ Wink

I see. I'll add them everywhere then. Is this maybe the reason why the 3626ap01 face does not look smooth?

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:Here's what I mean:
IMHO you'll get better results if you give up completely the cyli primitive, and create central rim from triangle/quads fitting exactly the subparts. My Coverer tool may help for this.

Ah, that's a problem with the cyli primitive not being a real cylinder...

On the other hand, if don't use the primitive, then LDView (and others, I guess) won't be capable of replacing it with a real cylinder, Or, if I use the primitive but match the other polygons to the primitive's edges, then when a real cylinder is substituted the point's won't match. Am I right assuming from your answer that one should not use the primitives in these cases?

Same in the inner part, around the hub. I added edge lines following the real cylinder shape, not the 16-edged primitive. Should I do otherwise?
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