Modifying a part currently on hold

Re: Modifying a part currently on hold
Ignacio Fernández Galván Wrote:The warped quads are a pain, because the tread shape is all manual (almost no math involve, or at least I don't know what the math should be). A tool too fix them automatically would be great, but does LETGUI work on linux?
No, LETGUI is Windows only. But it's only a GUI for a bunch of command line tools (many written by me...), and these tools are provided with source code. As they have a pretty simple structure, they should be relatively easy to recompile for Linux. Unfortunately my website is down at the moment because of a hosting issue, I hope it will be up again soon (tomorrow?). The link, when it's online again:

Quote:About the missing conditional lines, I didn't add them in concave sections, are they needed there too? Any other place where they're missing? (The quad non-planarity may be causing an issue with some lines at some orientations too, i guess.)
Condlines in concave areas are indeed not required, but they are used by LDView to trigger smooth shading between facets. So they are a Good Thing ™ Wink
According to Edger2, there are 21 missing condlines missing in subfile on convex areas, and 37 total...
Edger2 must be recompiled to run on Linux, but on my website you'll aslo find Lee Gaiteri's Edger, written in Java, that should run directly. But it has less options/possibilities...

Quote:The mismatch between the subpart and the central cylinder may be difficult to solve satisfactorily, the vertices don't come at the same positions as those of the cylinder... Or do you mean the actual edge lines? Those I calculated with simple trigonometry, so they should be right within rounding error, unless I did some mistake (entirely possible)

Here's what I mean:
IMHO you'll get better results if you give up completely the cyli primitive, and create central rim from triangle/quads fitting exactly the subparts. My Coverer tool may help for this.

Edit: Cross post again with Mikeheide Wink
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