LSC: Define TEXMAP resolution and naming conventions

Re: LSC: Define TEXMAP resolution and naming conventions
I agree that having the vector sources (when available) be published along with the PNG would be very useful. I might go so far as to allow an obvious vector-based PNG with no Vector source artwork to qualify for hold, but I'm not sure about that.

I'm certainly open to suggestions, but I feel that the following restrictions should be in place:

  1. Image dimensions are a power of 2 (e.g. 256, 512, etc.). Note: image doesn't have to be square, but both dimensions must be a power of 2.
  2. Maximum image dimension is 2048.

Given 1 and 2 as requirements, 1 should probably just list all powers of 2 from 1 through 2048, since there are only 12.

The reasons for both restrictions are technical. Not having them adds significant extra work for programs to properly support TEXMAP, and while they make the job slightly harder for authors, I don't feel they make it all that much harder. (Note: properly in the previous sentence is important. The main difficulty for number 1 is that non-power-of-two textures are an extension, and having a working fallback is difficult. For number 1, as far as I know, 2048 is the maximum textur dimension supported by a lot of graphics cards, and turning a bigger texture into tiles take a lot of work to do properly.)
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